07 mars 2019


RITUALS FOR ATTRACTING LOVE, HEALTH, MONEY, AND PROSPERITY The period of the Waxing Moon, that is, the period when the New Moon grows larger and eventually turns into the Full Moon, is the best time for working magical spells and rituals for increasing things, attracting and bringing positive change. In the approximately 14 days of the Waxing Moon, spells and rituals for increasing positive things into your life will be especially effective. These spells are meant to be as easy as possible for the beginner... [Lire la suite]

02 mars 2019

Love Spells Love Ritual

Love Attraction Spell Love Attraction Spell:Write your crush’s name on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times, towards you, each time kissing the paper once. Hide it safely beneath your mattress. Your crush will start to take notice of you. Nature’s Magic Love Spell:Go to your nearest park and look until you find a medium-sized rock shaped like a heart, or buy a cheap one from Etsy . When you find it, hold it in both hands and whisper the name of your crush to the stone in your hands. Bring it home with you and put... [Lire la suite]
02 mars 2019


Candle colors: Yellow – for creativity, intelligence, memory, wisdom, inspiration, happiness, stability, security.Orange – for happiness, business deals, success, career, goals, power, luck, enthusiasm, warmth.Green – for money, success, growth, physical healing, employment, abundance.Blue – for healing, calmness, peace, good fortune, losing weight, harmony, protection, communication.Pink – for love, friendship, romance, devotion, spiritual and emotional healing, restful sleep.Red – for love, energy,... [Lire la suite]